Because we are passionate about what we do, striving for excellence without compromise, we gather around us valued people who are equally passionate about their role as part of the Brick Bay Team.

Our key people identified below, are also supported by a number of enthusiastic part-timers and our backpacker team. 

Christine Didsbury:

Owner & Director

Richard Didsbury:

Owner & Director

Anna Didsbury: 

General Manager

Brian Breen: 

Farm & Vineyard Manager

Annett Holtz: 

Farm & Vineyard Forewoman 




Amanda Stewart: 

Marketing & Communications 

Cherie Vickers:

Restaurant Manager, The Glass House

Cameron Cook:

Head Chef, The Glass House

Rohan Horner:

Sous Chef, The Glass House 

Kelly Ryburn:

Chef de partie,  The Glass House 


Harriet Burbidge: 

Assistant Manager, The Glass House

Angela Perkins:

Supervisor & Host, The Glass House

Jo Lewin:

Office Administrator 

Jonathan Organ: 

Sculpture Trail Arts Manager