Phantom Fleet Vessel I

The waka huia shaped Phantom Fleet Vessel I by Virginia King is gracing our waters peacefully, levitating miraculously just above the pond's surface. King says "While the vessel suggests boat hulls and empty seed pods associated with water and land, the work also makes reference to migration, endurance and loss. The sculpture alludes to immigrants deprivation and abandonment, and refers to rising sea levels and the urgency of addressing global warming." Virginia has exhibited a raft of sublime works over the last decade on the sculpture trail, and recently been in hot demand behind the scenes working on private commissions which have been co-ordinated and managed by the Brick Bay Sculpture Trust. This experience has culminated in the creation of a delicate skeletal form alluding to the nautical, anatomical and the botanical. Come and visit this Christmas to experience this sophisticated and elegant work, before it’s acquired by one very lucky collector.


Virginia Leonard at Brick Bay

Red Bed  and Cream are Virginia Leonard's first foray into the outside elements. Virginia states, "As the work gets larger and the construction becomes more important I find it is essential to retain the gestural nature within the work. Therefore the glaze, lustre and the resin becomes more loose and painterly. I am trying to create work that has the looseness of painting with the formality of ceramics. I intended the lustres, the gold and the silver to create tension in the work with the unexpected nature of these materials out in the bush".

Leonard's evocative ceramics are honest self-portraits that address her experiences of chronic pain and bodily scarring. Leonard is interested in pushing the clay and glazes beyond their limits to within an inch of cracking, splitting or just about to collapse under its own weight. Recent exhibitions include Installation Contemporary, Sydney Contemporary 2017, and Virginia was the invited artist in Residence, Guldagergaard, Denmark 2017.  Leonard is concurrently exhibiting in Pulse Miami this weekend with Mindy Solomon Gallery and in February 2018 she will be creating a large scale installation at Artgeneve.  As she is exhibiting internationally, Brick Bay Sculpture Trail is humbled to be the only venue that has her work available for viewing and immediate acquisition in the wider Auckland isthmus.



Just quietly… there may be a certain pale pink tipple available in The Glass House!

We’ve managed to sneak a few cases in from the winery for those of you who can’t wait another day! If you can’t make it into The Glass House no problem purchase a bottle or two online.


Clouds on the Lake

Our new work by Filipe Tohi has literally just landed; Formerly occupying pride of place in the forecourt of the Auckland Art Gallery, The White Cloud has settled on the Glass House lake at Brick Bay, and joins our stable of exceptional works available for purchase.

Filipe Tohi was born in Ngele‘ia, Nuku‘alofa, Tonga, and immigrated to New Zealand in 1978. In his art practice he has created through a pictorial language of simple geometric forms, a technique called 'Haupuha'. Haupuha is the transferring of traditional Haukafa patterns to create a form that explores volume with illusion and lines. These forms represent female and male binding patterns which are used within a pattern called Fakalava.

For further information please contact the arts manager, Jonathan Organ 390 7203


Pop up dinners

Join us on Friday 28th July for our beloved Pop Up Dinner series at The Glass House where our chefs create wonderful set menu's featuring seasonal produce and ingredients sourced from our gardens, orchards and the wider local area. View this months menu here.

There are a small number of tables still available for this Friday's dinner, book now to secure your spot.

email or phone 09 425 4690 ext 1.

Future Pop Up Dinners: 

Friday 25th August

Friday 22nd September

Friday 27th October

Bronze Thinker

Remember the gleaming stainless steel gnome, The Thinker (2013) that proudly overlooked the Glass House lake in 2015, gathering in its surface the ripples of the water, the water lilies and reeds?

Now we invite you to confront Gregor Kregar’s latest gnome work at Brick Bay, deep in the native bush on the sculpture trail. A little larger than human size, this Bronze Thinker with its stunning blue patina holds court, a mysterious yet strangely familiar figure.

The artist has long been interested in how the familiar can take on new or strange meanings. Combine the concept of plaster garden gnomes with the universal idea of the mysterious dwarf of the underworld guarding magical treasure and you start to understand the ambiguity of this creation.

New winter dishes

Chefs Cam & Rohan are introducing some inspired warming winter dishes onto the menu. We can’t wait for you to try our Stewart Island Salmon, udon, shiitake broth with asian greens.  View the new menu here.

Meet the team

Here at Brick Bay we gather around us valued people who are passionate about their role as part of the Brick Bay Team, so meet Brian Breen…

What's your connection to Brick Bay?

I am the vineyard and farm manager and have been working at Brick Bay for more than 20 years. I’ve been a part of the development of the property in this time and Brick Bay is home to me.

Ideal weekend out and about?

I like riding my motorbike anywhere it will lead me and fishing out in the bay.

Thoughts on farming…

My philosophy on farming is minimal impact on the environment and keeping the property sustainable for future generations. 

Favourite sculpture on the trail?

Phil Price ‘Hoop’ a kinetic work which overlooks the trail and native bush. 

Favourite Brick Bay wine?

Pharos 2013, this was an amazing summer and the wine produced shows it.

If you could eat only one last meal, what would it be?

Medium rare scotch fillet, mashed potato, veges.