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Four New Artworks on Display at Brick Bay

We are delighted to present four new artworks on the Trail this month by leading New Zealand artists, Sharonagh Montrose, Jeff Thomson and Cathryn Munro.


Sharonagh Montrose
A Sixth in Five Movements

A Sixth in Five Movements uses sound, vibration and sculpture to draw a comparison between the experience of tasting a complex Bordeaux red wine, and listening to Beethoven's Symphony No.6 -  an unusual pastoral symphony that has five movements, rather than the usual four.

For this work, the artist has re-purposed the symphony, using each of the five themes to correspond to evoke the richness and play of flavours on the palate, with a narrative that is both felt and heard through the sculpture.

Cathryn Munro Every Day.jpg

Cathryn Munro
Every Day

One day, while throwing away her children’s old, stained pillows, Munro was struck by an unexpected feeling of tenderness as she gazed on the stains that represented her children’s sleep, sweat and tears she realised that what she was looking at was a map of their lives.

The pillow connotes a preoccupation with sleep; lack of sleep, hours trying to get children to sleep, longing for sleep. The pillow is both intimate and familiar; evocative of a private world of dreams, comfort, home and their stains are a map of the experience of those who have slept on them.

Every Day is a work about longing. A longing to rise above the mundane of everyday life, and take the time to experience life as profound and meaningful. Consisting of a series of eleven life-size pillow forms ascending a slope, staggered above on another, the pillows appear to hover above ground.


Jeff Thomson
Mahoe Leaf (2 works)

For his Mahoe Leaf series,Thomson collected Mahoe leaf skeletons from the forest floor at Brick Bay and used them as inspiration for these intricate, larger than life pieces produced in his signature material, corrugated iron. These pieces are gorgeous on their own or displayed in groups, and are one of the most popular pieces purchased by collectors.

Interested in Purchasing an Artwork?

As always, the majority of the artwork on exhibition at Brick Bay is for sale, and we are more than happy to facilitate commissions should you have site specific requirements. If you are interested in a piece or would like to discuss a project, please get in touch with our Art Manager, Sheridan Dickson.