Join us in February to view the spectacular Lotus Bloom - Free!

7 - 16 February (weekdays only), 10am - 12pm.

The Lotus Bloom sits at the base of the Virginia King ‘Koru’ earthwork sculpture made to celebrate the essence and joy of life at Brick Bay, North Auckland.

Set on private land, this is a rare opportunity to explore both Kings ‘Koru’ and also the ‘Raupo Rattler’ a percussive bridge crossing the wetland.

This is a moderate walk requiring good walking shoes rather than sandals, jandals or heels!

Note that there are bodies of water so children will need to be actively supervised.

The terrain is unsuitable for pushchairs, but backpacks & front packs will be fine.

Please check in at The Glass House upon arrival to receive your map and directions. We recommend booking a table at The Glass House Restaurant to enjoy coffee & cake, a wine tasting or lunch after you’ve explored this special place.

The Glass House Restaurant,  open daily 10am-5pm   

Phone 09 425 4690, 17 Arabella Lane, Snells Beach. Bookings recommended.