Here at Brick Bay we gather around us valued people who are passionate about their role as part of the Brick Bay Team, so meet Brian Breen…

What's your connection to Brick Bay?

I am the vineyard and farm manager and have been working at Brick Bay for more than 20 years. I’ve been a part of the development of the property in this time and Brick Bay is home to me.

Ideal weekend out and about?

I like riding my motorbike anywhere it will lead me and fishing out in the bay.

Thoughts on farming…

My philosophy on farming is minimal impact on the environment and keeping the property sustainable for future generations. 

Favourite sculpture on the trail?

Phil Price ‘Hoop’ a kinetic work which overlooks the trail and native bush. 

Favourite Brick Bay wine?

Pharos 2013, this was an amazing summer and the wine produced shows it.

If you could eat only one last meal, what would it be?

Medium rare scotch fillet, mashed potato, veges.