The philosophy behind the Brick Bay Sculpture Trust Folly Project is to support young emerging architects and to push the boundaries between sculpture and architecture. We're pleased to announce that the 2016 winners are: Ryan Mahon, Sacha Milojevic, Edward Roberts & Raphaela Rose with their stunning work, Daughter of the Swamp.

Defining a Folly as an architectural object that lacks a deliberate functional purpose, the 2016 winners have referenced the historic hinaki or eel trap and the legend of Maui who was first to catch the long eel, with his wife Hina, the Daughter of The Swamp.

Seemingly like a building envelope but, adhering to the traditions of the Folly, it provides no practical protection, only spatial definition. Instead it offers an interface between you and the surrounding landscape that is observed through gaps in the brightly coloured inter-laced steel. The steel, with its heavy associations of industrial progress and the modern age, is put to an unexpected, almost contradictory use in its emulation of a soft, traditional organic object. By overlapping and repeating these forms, an effect like that of the delicately woven eel traps is achieved.

Now on show 10-5pm daily