Summer 2018/2019

Summer naturally is our busiest season at Brick Bay, in the garden, vineyard and The Glass House.

The vines move through flowering to fruit-set, the young fruit grows and ripens, while the vineyard team manages new growth by tucking the shoots behind moveable wires, selects the numbers of bunches to control cropping levels, and removes leaves that shade the ripening fruit. 

To achieve the nil chemical residue requirements in our wines (which is our self-imposed goal each year) only organic and biological products will be used in the vineyard from time of flowering forward. 

Nets to protect the fruit from birds will be positioned in January and harvest will be underway in March. We welcome the prediction of a dry summer!

Our Glass House garden is revelling in the warm weather: the spring plantings of lettuces, beans, peas, tomatoes, fennel, kale, aubergines, courgettes, herbs and edible flowers find their way on to plates in the Glass House kitchen over the summer, while the citrus and other fruit trees continue to mature and carry heavier crops….pears, peaches, plums, figs, avocados.

Our olive trees are covered in flower in early summer and will produce a bountiful crop for our oil in late summer/autumn, while our beehives are flourishing in their relocated apiary site on the farm in a sheltered valley near a manuka-clad bush-line. January will see more delicious honey arrive at The Glass House for sale.