We're very pleased to launch our new Brick Bay video!
Thanks to the Brick Bay team and Jonathan from Milk & Honey Media NZ.

In The Vineyard

The 2017 vintage has certainly been an interesting one. After a prolonged drought, the first weather bomb last month brought a week of rain but we had fortunately harvested our Pinot Gris and Chardonnay (both our delicate thin-skinned varieties) the day before. The harder, unripe berries of the red varieties resisted the onslaught and we then monitored the fruit condition and continued with these picks once the optimum ripeness was achieved.  To purchase a bottle of our current vintage, shop here.

Standing Room Only

Recently Radio New Zealand's 'Standing Room Only' featured two of Brick Bay's sound work artists Sharonagh Montrose and  Olivia Webb. Shaun D Wilson interviewed both artists and walked the Sculpture Trail with Jonathan Organ our Arts Manager and captured field recordings of 'Miserere Mei' and 'In The Gloaming'. These works continue Brick Bay’s extensive history of avante-garde sound works. We also currently have on exhibition a new work by Ivan Mrsic, titled Nothing is more powerful than Journey, as well as P.Westbourne’s Umbrella Song and Sam Hamilton’s The Sex Choir. To listen to the full Radio New Zealand piece listen here.

Brick Bay 2017 Folly "Te Takitaki"

Now in its third year, the Brick Bay Folly Project challenges young and emerging New Zealand architects to explore the concept of a ‘folly’ – an architectural structure with no discernible purpose. 

Te Takitaki is the resulting collaboration from the highly creative architects Sophie Edwards,  Jayne Kersten, Tom Dobinson , George Grieve and interior landscaper, Winston Dewhirst. This Folly takes inspiration from the Māori palisade, fortifying and keeping watch over a key piece of land. Wrapping around a hidden interior, with glimpses of carved figures within, the visitor is not only the approaching stranger, but also the protected occupant upon entry into Te Takitaki.

Brick Bay Sculpture Trail, open daily 10am-5pm. Further information about the Sculpture Trail here.

New Release: Martello Rock 2014

Our newest Bordeaux blend is deep crimson in colour showing a purplish edge; complex red berry and floral aromas with a touch of liquorice. The earthy palate offers an harmonious blend of mulberry, blueberry, blackberry and red stonefruit, encased in supple, velvety tannins capped by a lingering  finish.

A Martello tower is a small coastal defensive structure, while Martello Rock is in fact a beacon which marks rocks at the entrance to Bon Accord Harbour in Kawau Bay.

To try the new Martello Rock 2014 vintage pop in to The Glass House or order online here.


2017 Folly Finalists

Five finalists have been announced for the Brick Bay Folly 2017 competition to design and build a temporary architectural folly.

The aim of the Folly award is to support young and emerging architects, or students in accredited New Zealand architecture programmes, to explore the intersections between architecture and sculpture, and the increasing overlap between the two disciplines.

The finished project will be installed in early March 2017 and will be exhibited at Brick Bay for two years.

To read the full article in Architecture Now. 


The Sculpture foyer is abundant with new works just arrived from Marte Szirmay, Luke Jacomb, and Jim Wheeler. These pieces have appealed to both established art collectors to commemorate a special personal event and new collectors as a great entry point into sculpture acquisition.

Brick Bay 30 Year Anniversary

In 1986 we fell in love with this special piece of land less than an hour from the city, with its beach boundary, wide open spaces, glorious bush and great potential. 

Brick Bay is our passion; since 1986 our blood, sweat and tears have flowed into the soil of this land, our laughter and stories resonate in the salty sea breezes. This land nurtures us and inspires us.  

This is a loved landscape, filled with ideas, as we celebrate 30 years we look back on where we have come from. 

Read more about our journey here......