Spring 2016

Our perennial herbs are springing back into life, with sage, rosemary, thyme and oregano putting on plenty of new growth while new plantings of parsley, chives, dill and coriander will also keep our chefs happy in the kitchen. Radiccio, silverbeet, fennel, rhubarb and curly kale continue to flourish.  Providing us now with an abundance of fresh vegetables are plantings of beans, tomatoes, beetroot, celery, snowpeas, radishes, courgettes, lettuces and leeks.

 Our young orchard hosts lemons and limes, heirloom and nashi pears, plums, figs, apricots, peaches, feijoas, persimmon and pomegranates. A group of avocados have been recently planted while beneath these trees, borage, mint, lemongrass, edible flowers and companion plants flourish.

 We’ve built a cedar garden shed in the orchard next to our worm farm, while a couple of ‘splits’ taken from our existing beehives on the property, will allow new beehives to be established nearby.

 Our bees are very active again and we once again have honey for sale in The Glass House as well as our delicious 2016 extra-virgin olive oil. 

All this bounty from the land will find its way on to plates conceived in the Glass House Kitchen. Enjoy.