Winter 2017

Winter is a quiet time in our Glass House gardens.

Gone is the abundance of summer, as we concentrate on building up the fertility in the beds ready for the spring plantings.

The rhubarb is pushing up fresh red stalks and a mass of young fennel is ready to transplant into a larger space while the Asian greens and silverbeet are reliably productive.

Although too early for most of the annual herbs, coriander seems to prefer the winter months and is putting on a lush display.

In our young orchard, the feijoas are putting on good growth while the citrus are precociously laden: lemons, limes andblood oranges provide a cheery splash of colour.

To our amazement our group of avocados planted last year are all carrying numbers of beautiful green fruit! We have planted several varieties of dwarf trees quite close together, under the instruction of the avocado guru, avo pro > and his advice has literally borne fruit!

Our bees are wintering down readying themselves forspring activity but we do still have their honey for sale in The Glass House as well as our delicious 2017 extra-virgin olive oil. 

All this bounty from the land will find its way on to plates conceived in the Glass House Kitchen. Enjoy.